Student Life

Experience Canadian student life on our beautiful campus

At the University of Toronto, we pride ourselves on having a diverse student body, leading well-balanced lives, enriching minds, bodies and spirits. Students value the importance of academics in hand with a passion-filled personal life.

friendsStudents in UT Prep will have access to all facilities and amenities during their time on campus. Whether you choose to schedule time for a workout at the Athletic Centre, join an intramural sports team, participate in summer activities, or join a club on campus, there is plenty to choose from to find your perfect fit here at U of T and in the city of Toronto!

Living at U of T’s St. George campus in the heart of downtown Toronto, students will have access to one of the most culturally diverse cities in North America and group outings to become more familiar with the city they will now call home. UT Prep will arrange for students to have opportunities to visit some of the exciting tourist attractions in and around the Greater Toronto Area, allowing them to become more familiar with the St. George campus and the overall city.

Although academics are an extremely important aspect of a student’s undergraduate career, a fine balance between academics and personal life will allow for students to become well-rounded and passionate in various aspects of their lives.