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Rotman Commerce

Students in UT Prep Rotman Commerce will focus on developing skills essential to their undergraduate studies, such as social networking, public speaking, and teamwork. During your studies in UT Prep, you will have the exclusive opportunity to connect with social networks in Rotman Commerce and the University of Toronto. You will also gain access to student resources before your first year of undergraduate studies, giving you an advantage in this competitive program. With personalized program advising, you will start your first-year supported and confident.

Degree Course (Credit Course)

Introduction to Management RSM100H

Introduction to management and its subdisciplines. Themes include business in a Canadian context, the nature of corporations, corporate governance, organizational behavior, operations, and strategy. Enrolment limited to students entering the University with an expressed interest in studying at Rotman Commerce.

Successful completion of RSM100H is one of the program requirements for Rotman Commerce.

Academic Skills Development Courses (Non-Credit Course)

Communication for Commerce UTP083H

Spoken communication is key to success at Rotman Commerce. Teamwork, social networking and public speaking form an essential part of first-year studies. UTP083H uses an integrated approach to speaking practice: students create presentations, lead seminars and participate in class discussions based on both academic research and exploration of the community. Course topics focus on Canadian business case studies and practices of the type used in RSM100H and future courses. In setting up students for success in first-year study, UTP083H also connects students with the social networks and academic resources and support available to Rotman Commerce international students.

Strategies in Commerce Writing UTP084H

UTP084H focuses on the types of writing most often encountered in commerce studies, including critical reviews, case studies and reports. Students develop their academic style and grammatical accuracy through regular writing practice and individualized feedback. The course also provides guidance in library research, revising and editing, and working with the writing centre. As in UTP083H, research topics are intended to broaden students’ knowledge of Canadian culture and business practices which is crucial to understanding case studies and other content in Rotman Commerce courses.