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Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering

As a UT Prep student in the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, you will learn to approach any system with a focused lens, undertake sustainability evaluation, innovate strategies, critically evaluate professional-quality research sources, and articulate the value of sustainability. During UT Prep, you will be connected with important academic resources, international student services, and exclusive networking opportunities that together will give you a distinct advantage in your academic career.

UT Prep Courses

Degree Course (Credit Course)

Interdisciplinary Introduction to Sustainability APS120H

Sustainability is crucial to the engineering profession as engineers have a critical role to play in helping the world address the challenges of pollution, climate change, and global warming. Students are taught the basic concepts of sustainability and, more importantly, how to apply sustainability principles in their intended fields of study. Students remodel a problem or situation of their choice to assess or suggest ways to be more sustainable as their main course project. A series of readings is assigned and discussed each week and students are encouraged to interact and work in groups. Upon completion of this course, students should be able to approach any system with a sustainability lens, undertake sustainability evaluation, innovate strategies, and articulate the value of sustainability.

Academic Skills Development Courses (Non-Credit Courses)

Communication for Engineers UTP016H

Starting in their first year, engineering students are expected to give presentations, lead seminars, work in teams, and discuss their work. UTP016H focuses on engineering communication skills, including informal talks, academic discussions, and presentations. Students build strategies for successful lecture engagement and group work for APS120H and future courses. This course introduces students to important academic resources and international student services, as well as networking opportunities.

Strategies in Engineering Writing UTP017H

UTP017H takes a project-based approach, with an emphasis on the types of engineering writing required for tests and assignments in APS120H and future engineering courses. Students  develop technical writing skills through frequent revision, editing, and individualized feedback. This course also offers guidance in finding and critically evaluating professional-quality research sources, by accessing the library and writing support services available to engineering students.