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UT Prep Faculty of Arts & Science students will be engaged using scholarly resources and develop skills crucial to success at the University of Toronto.

Through exposure to university-level tasks, resources and strategic undergraduate course selection, your professor and instructors will guide you in successfully transitioning into the university environment and academic culture.

You will start your university studies prepared and inspired.

UT Prep Courses

Degree Course (Credit Course)

Themes in World History: Food & Commodities UTP100H1S

Through the study of commodities such as beer, wine, sugar, spices, coffee, and cotton, this course explores world history from the origins of agriculture to the present. Each commodity’s importance in today’s society is explored and how it affects our choices as consumers.  Lectures and discussions take a comparative approach, with examples drawn from Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Africa.  Students will also have the opportunity to develop academic skills by reading, writing, and discussing various academic sources.

Academic Skills Development Courses (non-credit courses)

Communication in Undergraduate Programs UTP081H1S

This course focuses on raising awareness of and improving ability to effectively communicate ideas in English to meet the expectations of undergraduate university course tasks and assignments. For oral communication, main topics include appropriate participation in seminar lectures and tutorials, group work, and student services. For written communication, students will investigate academic integrity, assignment types, as well as academic grammar and vocabulary. Skills taught in this course are integral for success in UTP100H.

Strategies for Cross-Discipline Success UTP082H1S

This course focuses on recognising and maximising the transferability of academic skills across multiple undergraduate courses. Main themes include universal study skills, critical intensive reading strategies, research processes and citation styles, library systems, source evaluation, undergraduate course types, and integration into the academic community. While course topics prepare students for success in UTP100H, skills taught in this course are necessary for success in a range of courses in the Faculty of Arts & Science.